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Our Search Engine Marketing Solutions:

  1. Search Engine Marketing - SEM
  2. Search Engine Optimisation - SEO
  3. Pay Per Click - PPC
  4. Social Media Marketing
  1. Search Engine Marketing - SEM

    Search engine marketing offers an inexpensive alternative to traditional marketing media. SEO Company 24 search engine marketing services will allow you to cost effectively reach a larger percentage of your target audience.

    The reality is small business can now compete effectively with larger competitors through “smart online marketing” and new products can be launched worldwide before your competitors can catch up. Online marketing results can also be easily measured and tested so your online marketing campaign results can be calculated instantly.

    You may already have a website or we could build the ideal website for you. It does not matter in either way. We can make any website popular on Google, Yahoo or Bing and drive high volumes of people or traffic through your website or online store.

    If no one knows how to find your website then it's all been a waste of time and money isn't it?

    And did you know that 99% of today's website owners could put up their hands right now and say "That's me!"

    If you seriously need web traffic from website promotion and online marketing, you are going to remember finding this online marketing website page for the rest of your life.

  2. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

    Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the art and science of getting your website seen online via ‘organic’ or unpaid search results.

    • SEO Company 24’s range of SEO services offers include:
    • Keyword research
    • Competitor and market analysis
    • On-site SEO
    • Off-site SEO (i.e. link building)
    • Reporting and monitoring

    SEO brings in new clients via organic results, searches through Google, Yahoo or Bing.

    SEO Company 24 offers SEO programs designed for all businesses and national brands looking to increase exposure and awareness through strong positioning within organic search results pages.

    We do SEO Locally as well. We can help you grow your business locally. At SEO Company 24, we can set up your map in the most popular search engines (i.e. Google, Yahoo, Bing), its content and have it ranking well.

    SEO solutions

    Online marketing is the fastest growing area in today's competitive marketing world. Internet Marketing is adopted as an integral part of marketing strategy to promote businesses worldwide.

    The technique of optimisation will need expertise and strategic planning for maximum benefit and an Internet Marketing company like SEO Company 24 can certainly help. Focused SEO will give you better and faster results.

  3. Pay Per Click (PPC) Services and Management (i.e. Google Adwords)

    Our PPC (Pay Per Click) management service is fully transparent. That means you know exactly what’s being done for your money and where your advertising budget is being spent.

    Benefits Of Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaign:

    • You pay only when a user clicks on your ad
    • You choose the keywords, the countries and the languages you want to advertise in
    • You can publish an ad the moment you sign up
    • Low Set Up Cost

    Google AdWords is an extremely targeted and profitable advertising medium when managed correctly.

    We are experts at identifying exactly which keywords are most profitable for your business, and cutting the wastage by reducing poorly performing keywords.

    AdWords Management is designed to maximise sales and leads while reducing wasted clicks!

    Most businesses find that the majority of their AdWords sales come from less than 20% of their keywords. We can help you to identify this 20% and remove the rest to help you save money!

    Why SEO Company 24?

    • Our Adwords campaigns are focused on conversions, not clicks
    • We will reduce the cost of your Adwords campaigns
    • We offer a no-contract, no commitment service

    We don’t place any limits on the amount of keywords you can advertise under, although we will work with you to create the most targeted and effective keywords list.

  4. Social Media Marketing

    Online marketing is constantly evolving. The latest addition to internet marketing mix is social media marketing, brought about with the explosion of Web 2.0 and emergence of popular social media networking websites, blogs, microblogs such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

    Our Online Marketing Service offers Website Analysis, Keyword Research, link building campaign, SEO, internet marketing, Social Media Management and PPC management campaigns to increase traffic to your website and in turn generating more leads and producing measurable return on Investment.

    Social media platforms offer a number of exciting opportunities for business.

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