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What is SEO?

SEO is an abbreviation for “Search Engine Optimisation”. It is all about optimising your website for search engines. Search Engine Optimisation is an online strategy that can help you reach a larger online audience and increase your online sales and generate more leads.

My website had good rankings but recently has been penalised by Google, can you help?

In most cases we can. We have successfully recovered quite a few websites from Google penalties. However it depends on the background of penalty, and in-depth analysis would be required. Please contact us for more details.

Does my online business need SEO?

The answer is YES. Imagine if you had a shop, you would put a sign and do some form of advertising to attract customers. This is the same concept for online businesses. If you do not market your business, how will visitors find you in the Internet?

Why hire the services of SEO Company 24?

SEO Company 24 has the expertise and knowledge to help your business grow online. We have access to tools and advanced technologies to ensure your website ranks well in search engines.

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Can you guarantee Page 1 rankings?

Nobody can guarantee a number #1 position or specific ranking for your site for a given keyword phrase. Such promises are against Google guidelines and we strictly follow them. Not only when prospecting clients but also for effective methods and long lasting results.

Can you do SEO on our existing website?

The short answer is YES. If we believe the website either needs improvements or upgrading because it’s going to have a negative impact on the SEO results, we will provide you with a Website Action Plan to correct this.

Why does it take so long for my site to get near the top rankings?

Top high search position takes time because the search engines are faced with millions of pages to classify. Search engines like Google constantly updates their search result indexes. The competitive nature of the search phrase dictates the amount of additional SEO work we need to perform to get you ranked near the top.

What is keyword research and why is it important?

Keyword research is the process of finding terms and phrases that are relevant to your site and are most frequently searched by your audience. We pick the right keywords to generate the most traffic to your website.

What is keyword phrase?

A keyword phrase is generally two or more words that are used by visitors who what to find information based on that particular phrase.

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